In a recent podcast on Runners Roundtable Podcast, Christopher McDougall,

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In a recent podcast on Runners Roundtable Podcast, Christopher McDougall, author of “Born to Run”, states that the Nike Free Run+ 2012 Free has too much cushioning, still a big heel, and too much arch support. We completely concur with those items as well the need for more flex and a better overall barefoot feel. Nike has been doing the heel thing for 30 years and has every running shoe on the shelf with a heel (some much bigger than others – see the Nike Air & Nike Shox – they need somewhere to put all that crap). There is no evidence out there to back the claims of heel cushioning and overall support. We haven’t found them. We see everything the other way around. There are deep, gender specific carves (sipes) molded along the length and width of the mid-sole, and these are what creates the barefoot feeling: you don't have a piece of foam to flex anymore, but almost independent "blocks" that adapt to your foot while it moves during the running gait.Nike Free of charge footwear tend to be one of the most well-liked choice due to the nike-free-30-v5-blue brand as well as the truth that these people carefully look like normal athletic shoes. Nevertheless, in contrast to additional Nike Footwear, the actual Nike Opens tend to be created specifically in order to duplicate the actual independence associated with strolling as well as operating barefoot. Every design is actually ranked on the size associated with 0 in order to 10 along with absolutely no becoming barefoot as well as 10 as being a regular footwear. The majority of the Nike Free of charge versions tend to be possibly ranked 3. 0, 5. 0, or even 7. 0 along with the majority of the 3. 0 as well as 5. 0 versions becoming athletic shoes and also the 7. 0 versions becoming cross training shoes.

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