The latest glossy GHD was the GHD Purple Christmas gift set

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The latest glossy GHD was the GHD Purple Christmas gift set. This included the new Purple GHd Iv styler with apasiley floral effect, a 1100W Purple GHD travel hair, Purple hair clips and the latest GHD hair styling DVD. All of these items then came in a heat resistant travel roll bag with various compartments that you can use to store your products, straightener The Christmas set also features 2 hair clips, to help keep your hair in place while you are styling and straightening. Not confident enough to try new styling techniques with your new purple ghd straighteners? Not to worry as in the pack is the laest GHD DVD. The new DVD shows you how to style your hair, using the latest GHD styling techniques developed by the GHD directive, who have worked on some of the world's most famous catwalks and each style is easy to follow with clear instructions and product selection tips. Still want more for your money with this fantastic Purple GHD Set? Then this Purple GHD set will give you want you want. Because the delectable GHD Christmas gift set also comes with a Purple GHD Official Websiteroll bag. So you can easily store and carry your Purple GHD Hair straighteners and Purple GHD Official Website Hair Dryer. The Purple GHD IV Hair straightener is then placed into a stylist purple patterned box with a velvet effect list embossed with the words GHD The Purple GHD set has been inspired by the colours that have been appearing on the catwalks and has been labelled “The Gift Of a Thousand Looks”. The Purple GHD gift set will make a perfect gift this Christmas and is one of, if not the best limited edition gift set GHD have ever released. Look out for the Purple GHDs in a salon near you. Or alternatively checkout my author bio where i have placed links to my personalGHD website, which compare the best online prices from approvedGHD Official WebsiteGHD UK Exclusive Saleinternet retailers. It is importamt to ensure that you are buying yout GHD hair straighteners from a approved retailers, becuase this is the only way to ensure that you are getting the genuine article. Due to GHD popularity, it has fallen pray to the copyists. There are a large number of fake GHD IV Stylers - including the new Purple GHD appearing on the internet. Not only are these fake GHD hair straighteners illegal, they are also dangerous. They have passed no saftey checks and do not have the quality performance of genuine GHDs. The first two to be released were the limited edition GHD Dark and the GHD Pure. The new styler were launched with a marketing campaigne that revolved around the question "Are You Dark or Pure". The GHD Dark came in a glossy jet black finish and a black heat resistant travel case to prorect your new straighteners. While the GHD Official Website Pure came in a glossy white finish with a black heatb resistant case that had a white floral pattern of the outside of the box. These were first revealed at the 2008 GHD expert Awards in London and were then released a few months later.

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